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New CNC router improves Cardinal Manufacturing’s workflow

June 21, 2017
By AXYZ International

Jun. 21, 2017 – Cardinal Manufacturing offers engraving, and CNC routing and laser cutting for metal fabrication and production, as well as a large format print department for interior and exterior signage.

Located in Indianapolis, Ind., the company has been in business for nearly three decades. After purchasing its first CNC router in 2000, Cardinal realized a few years ago the solution was no longer meeting its needs.

“Edge condition is very important to us,” said Jim Mulligan, vice president and general manager of Cardinal Manufacturing. “We were finding that the corners left a little bit to be desired because it [the router] wasn’t one of the new helical rack, servo motor machines. Our machine was losing steps and we were never happy with the way the corners looked and how the pieces fit together.”

After viewing the CNC routers displayed at the NBM Show in Indianapolis, Cardinal decided to visit two manufacturers to see specific machine demonstrations. Ultimately, it decided to purchase a Pacer CNC router from AXYZ International.

According to the company, a major factor in the decision was that the Pacer’s tool changer is a carousel affixed to the Y axis of the machine, reducing the amount of travel for each tool change; as well, any software program can be used with the AXYZ Pacer.

“AXYZ put together a reliable package of a machine with terrific features,” said Mulligan. “It’s a more open architecture piece of equipment. And the software they package with it, at a very affordable price, works very well for us and what we do.”

Mulligan said he also appreciates the machine’s efficiency and that the controller is integrated into the actual structure of the table instead of having it as a separate piece.

Cardinal Manufacturing uses AXYZ’s Gold Maintenance Program, which provides onsite router maintenance by qualified AXYZ technicians to extend the life of their Pacer.

It recently purchased a second Pacer, allowing the shop to service more than one customer at a time.

“We were trying to do 12 hours of routing in a 10- or eight-hour day, and we had an uneven workflow. We have a lot of ideas and when you have 12 hours a day of routing, dreams are back burner things,” said Mulligan. “Now our workflow has improved and we’ve been able to rapid prototype displays for architects for their submittals. This has really helped build our business.”

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