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ABB N-series motors boast cost-efficiency and short lead times

Jun. 23, 2017 – With its standardized designs, the new ABB N-series high voltage pre-engineered motors promises to meet the most common needs across a wide range of industries.

ABB says the motors use cost-effective pre-packaged designs to meet the same high quality standards as all ABB motors but with lead times that are several weeks shorter. An online selection tool, MachSize, aims to simplify the task of motor configuration. Another tool called DocStage is a web-based system for sharing and managing documentation. By giving customers direct access to documentation and 3D drawings for their motors, DocStage enables them to download all the documentation they need. N-series motors currently include three product families: the high voltage rib cooled and modular induction motors, and a new range of slip-ring motors.

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