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CSA revises Z195 protective footwear standard

December 18, 2009
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

CSA’s Z195 Protective Footwear Standard has been around for more than forty years. In the early 70s, the familiar “green patch” was introduced, representing footwear having the highest level of toe and sole protection. In the 80s, CSA added electric-shock resistance and metatarsal guards to the standard. In the 90s, static dissipative and conductive footwear were added. In 2002, the association widened the standard to include chain saw protective boots.

Now, with the 2009 edition of CSA-Z195, it has expanded the scope of the standard to include slip-resistant (or slip-resisting) footwear. A test procedure based on a European standard has been agreed to by the footwear industry, and requirements have been set for the communication (labeling) of slip-resistance performance data on all safety footwear claiming to be “slip resistant,” “slip resisting” or “anti-slip.”

Also new to this edition are performance requirements and an impact test procedure for metatarsal (top-of-the-foot) guards.

The release of this expanded standard, the association says, is an important step forward in the protection of Canadian workers. In the coming year, if a protective footwear product is certified as or claims to be CSA compliant, its metatarsal guards and its slip-resistant soles must be tested to the updated standard.


Copies of the English-version of CSA-Z195-09 are available (in hardcopy and electronic form) from CSA’s on-line store or by calling the sales desk at 1-800-463-6727.

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