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Schunk EGM-M gripper boasts high holding forces in small spaces

September 8, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Sep. 8, 2017 – Schunk has extended its series of digitally controllable magnetic grippers with the EGM-M monopole gripper.

With dimensions of 26 x 98 mm, the EGM-M is suitable for handling parts weighing up to 10 kg. As with all the EGM magnetic grippers in this series, the monopole grippers operate with energy-efficient electro-permanent magnets – they do not require compressed air or vacuum, says the company, adding that only a short current pulse for 300 ms is required for actuation and deactivation. Since no energy supply is required in activated condition, the parts remain securely gripped even in the case of an emergency stop or a sudden loss of power, maintains the company. The EGM-B bi-pole gripper was designed for handling heavy and complex ferromagnetic parts. Available with one, two, or four-pole pairs in different arrangements, along with pole extensions, they allow the adjustment of individual handling objects. The range of EGM grippers have a gripping force of 1.2 and 22.5 kN, and are designed for parts weighing a maximum of 147 kg, with a material thickness starting from 3.5 mm. For handling of thin sheets, the gripping force can be reduced in eight stages with an additional control unit.

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