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Automated Packaging Systems integrates YuMi cobot for bag packaging automation

October 13, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Oct. 12, 2017 – Automated Packaging Systems has integrated its Autobag 500 bagging system with ABB’s YuMi robot.

The Autobag 500 bagger is an automatic filling and sealing machine capable of cycling at rates up to 100 bags per minute that features processor-controlled servo motors and Ethernet-capable networking. Describing YuMi as the “first truly collaborative,” dual-armed robot designed to work side-by-side with humans, it can assist with assembling and packaging small parts and kits on the Autobag 500. Boasting advanced motion control and camera-based parts location, the YuMi can pick and place products into pre-opened bags, which are then automatically sealed and dispensed by the Autobag 500. The system can be integrated into an existing packaging line. YuMi has two magnesium arms that flex on seven axes to mimic human-like movements with spatial efficiency, says the company.

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