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Eaton introduces double-door safety switch

October 13, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Oct. 13, 2017 – Eaton says its new double-door, line-side isolation switch is the industry’s first compartmentalized, fusible safety switch.

According to the company, the switch features an innovative two-door design with an internal barrier that isolates the fuse base from line-side power, enhancing the safety of work environments for equipment operators. The device promises to deliver lowered exposure, enhanced safety and improved uptime when accessing the load-side fuse compartment. An interlocking mechanism keeps the door closed when the handle is in the On position, while a defeat mechanism enables user access when necessary, explains Eaton. Screw-down fasteners on the upper switch compartment add an extra layer of safety, says the company, noting that an optional lower viewing window provides visibility into fuses with blown fuse indicators. Additionally, it enables maintenance personnel to observe the position of the movable blades within the switch base as the external viewing window and enhanced visible blade components allow observation of whether the circuit is open or closed.

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