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igus develops honeycomb strain relief CFU for e-chains

November 27, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Nov. 27, 2017 – igus has developed the honeycomb strain relief CFU for e-chains, which it says makes energy chain harnessing “easier than ever.”

The strain relief system can replace commonly used cable tie-wraps and other strain relief solutions, says igus, noting that the older version of the strain relief required users to arrange each cable separately in the energy chain. Cables are inserted into the vertical rows of the CFU, the system is closed and then screwed at the top. Optional clips at the side plates connect energy chain and strain relief. In the new solution, the cables and hoses are inserted into the honeycomb and then closed. This way, the outer walls of the honeycomb cavities lie gently and uniformly around the cables. igus describes the honeycomb system as “extremely flexible,” allowing new cables can be inserted or replaced by hand. With this new CFU system, users can reduce assembly and engineering time by about 80 per cent, says the company. Due to the flush finish with the e-chain mounting bracket, the new CFU can be used in both unsupported and gliding applications.

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