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NT Tool Angle Heads add another axis to existing machines

November 28, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Nov. 28, 2017 – NT Tool says its Angle Heads add a new cutting axis to existing machines, enabling users to machine from additional angles without the need for tilt tables.

By building a new axis into the tool holder itself, machining plants can help save set-up costs and expensive investments in new machinery. The Angle Heads come in fixed angles of 45°and 90°, as well as a flexible model which can be set to any angle in between as needed to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. On both models, the angled portion of the holder can be rotated freely 360°, allowing the new axis to face any direction the user requires, notes NT Tool. All fixed models come with an external nozzle for directing coolant at the cutting surface, and centre-through coolant can be added upon request. Please note coolant is not available for flexible type. The Angle Heads are available in CAT, HSK and BT shanks, with other shanks readily accommodated as custom orders.

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