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Parker icountPD online particle detector

March 15, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Mar. 15, 2018 – Wainbee is distributing the icountPD online particle detector from Parker, describing it as a permanently mounted laser detection particle counter for monitoring equipment conditions.

What makes the icountPD detector stand out is its capability of displaying and communicating data in ISO4406/NAS1638 and Relative Humidity, explains Wainbee. Employing up-to-the-minute laser technology in solid-particle detection, recommended applications for the icountPD include: mobile equipment in forestry and agriculture; industrial equipment for production plants, pulp and paper, and refineries; wind turbines and lubrication systems in power generation; and maintenance applications like test rigs and flushing stands.

Parker manufactures three versions of this particle detector: the standard design, built for test stands, filter carts, flushing skids, and similar uses; the icountPDR, for mobile equipment and use in non-hazardous outdoor conditions; and the icountPDZ, designed for offshore platforms and other potentially dangerous applications.

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