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HBM GEN7i transient recorder and DAQ system

March 15, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Mar. 15, 2018 – HBM Test and Measurement manufactures a number of data acquisition systems, or DAQ systems, that are available in Canada via Durham Instruments – including its GEN series.

The company describes the GEN7i as a portable DAQ system for use in the field and in laboratories, as well as a transient recorder for measurement data, which can be used remotely from an external computer. The GEN7i transient recorder and data acquisition system is an upgrade of HBM’s GEN5i, with a smaller form factor, more channels, and more processing power, the company explains. The mobile instrument has all the necessary features and attributes of a transient recorder, combining a full-featured, low-power Intel Core i7 third-generation Windows computer with a seven-slot acquisition unit. It comes with five Windows languages and eight Perception languages, all pre-installed.

Another unique feature of the GEN7i is its Instrument Panel touch interface, which provides single-touch access to all features for daily operation. The device also has Perception Enterprise for post-processing, as well as a system disk option that moves the internal fixed OS disk to a removable disk bay; the latter feature makes sure that no recorded information is left in the instrument once a disk is stored securely, says HBM.


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