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Carbodeon, Tiamet 3D launch nanodiamond-enhanced filaments for 3D printing

March 16, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Mar. 16, 2018 – Finnish nanodiamond manufacturer Carbodeon and Dutch 3D printing specialist Tiamet 3D say they have introduced the first nanodiamond-enhanced filaments for 3D printing.

The companies have signed a strategic partnership agreement on joint filament development, along with an agreement for Carbodeon to supply nanodiamond materials to Tiamet 3D. The Carbodeon/Tiamet 3D filaments are based on a jointly patented technology which is described to significantly improve the mechanical and thermal properties of 3D printed items.

The 3D filaments will be polylactic acid (PLA) based, with further development focused on higher-performance thermoplastics, and will be available both from Carbodeon and Tiamet 3D. Carbodeon filament products will be sold under its uDiamond brand.

“By joining forces we’ve already developed filaments with a 100 percent increase in tensile strength, improved printability, and better thermal properties,” said Reid Larson, CEO of Tiamet 3D. Created in 2014, the firm strives to tackle the core problems surrounding desktop 3D printing. “Printing also runs more quickly and more reliably with the addition of Carbodeon polymer-tailored nanodiamonds.”

The companies say 3D printing using improved-performance thermoplastics has potential in almost all manufacturing environments, but especially in electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. As well as improving thermal management, conductivity and tensile strength of the base polymer, nanodiamonds can increase the glass transition temperature of the end product or component to achieve more robust and reliable polymer products, suitable for more challenging environments, they explain.


“Nanodiamonds offer the potential to make 3D-printed components that perform as well as or better than comparable injection moulded components, but with massive cost reductions and production speed improvements, especially for prototype, on-demand and short run production,” said Dr. Vesa Myllymäki, Carbodeon CEO.

Carbodeon Ltd. Oy develops, manufactures and supplies nanodiamond additives for metal finishing, polymer thermal and mechanical compounds, polymer coatings, CMP polishing and a range of other applications.

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