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Carlo Gavazzi debuts CD34 liquid level capacitive sensors

April 9, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Apr. 9, 2018 – Carlo Gavazzi has launched the new CD34 Series liquid level capacitive sensors designed to detect water-based liquids through non-metallic walls, like plastic or glass.

According to the company, the sensors automatically account for the thickness of plastic or glass walls and compensate for any residual films, moisture or foam accumulation while sensing the presence of the liquid to be detected. The sensor is packed with a universal bracket, which enables mounting versatility for a variety of surfaces, circular (e.g. sight glass, round containers) or flat. The CD34 works out of the box for most applications, as it’s capable of detecting the media (liquid) with a conductivity of 50mS/cm, notes the company. Through the teach-in function, the sensor can be calibrated to overcome “highly conductive, viscous liquids or tanks with very thin or thick walls,” says Carlo Gavazzi.

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