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New Aventics RTC-SB rodless cylinder for compact machine design

May 3, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

May 3, 2018 – Aventics’ new RTC-SB slide bearing version rounds off the pneumatics company’s RTC range of rodless cylinders. As with its other double-acting rodless cylinders, at the heart of the RTC-SB (slide bearing) is its oval piston shape. Equipped with a lubrication-free slide bearing, the cylinder is resistant to water, chemicals and dirt, Aventics says.

The new RTC-SB rodless cylinder is designed for a maximum speed of 6.5 m/s (21.3 ft./s). The maximum stroke is around 6,000 mm (21.6 ft.). A wear-free magnetically attached exterior strip, scraper and sealing strip help protect the cylinder from dust and dirt, explains the company, adding that the adjustable pneumatic cushioning is designed to extend the service life and ensure precise and gentle operation. The RTC precision cushioning can achieve what Aventics describes as “Ideal Cushioning” with the proper tools and adjustment. Form-fit connection technology from Aventics with standardized mechanical interfaces works to simplify machine design and speed up assembly as no re-adjustments are necessary, notes Aventics.

The RTC cylinder completes the Aventics range of double-acting rodless cylinders. The new RTC-SB version with bore sizes ranging from 25 to 40 mm closes the previous gap between the basic version (RTC-BV) and the versions designed for higher loads, the RTC-CG (compact guide) and RTC-HD (heavy duty). RTC cylinders can be configured online with a part number assigned, CAD drawings and other documentation available.


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