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Festo piezo valves aim to replace conventional solenoid valves

May 6, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

May 6, 2018 – Festo Canada says its digitally controlled VEAA and VEAB piezo valves are designed to replace conventional solenoid valves in a range of industrial applications involving flow and pressure control.

VEAA and VEAB valves combine piezo technology with digital closed loop control, Festo explains, saying the valves use very little energy and generate virtually no heat. Festo says the piezo component – the piezo bender – is “virtually immune” to mechanical wear and does not abrade, enabling the three-way proportional valves to last more than 300 millions switching cycles or set point changes. VEAA is designed to proportionally control pressures up to 10 bar with a flow of 7 litres/minute. The VEAB can proportionally control pressures up to 6 bar with a higher flow rate up to 20 litres/minute. Safe for use in volatile or explosive environments, both VEAA and VEAB valves are IP65 rated. They are well suited for applications with low to micro air consumption such as small cylinders, grippers and rotary actuators. Examples include pressure over liquid, controlling contact pressure cylinders, or low-pressure regulation for wafer production. In addition to pressure regulation, they can perform checking, metering, pressing and press-fitting functions in a range of fields.

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