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BEA Lasers introduces full family of industrial lasers

May 7, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

May 7, 2018 – BEA Lasers, a manufacturer of rugged laser modules and assemblies, has announced the availability of its full line of industrial laser modules, some of which are now offered in new sizes.

The full line includes: MIL Series, MIL RA Series, GPL Series, SEN Series, MIC Series, and IND Series. These industrial laser diode modules each include a housing (with right angle options) and cable apparatus, many with a connector, to alleviate hard wiring for replacements, explains BEA. The units are offered with a choice of green or red laser light and a crosshair pattern, and all include laser dot and line patterns. Other patterns are available on request. Most industrial laser families are available with 1 MW, 3 MW or 5 MW output power. Each laser module in the MIL and MIL-RA series also includes a DIN rail switching power supply with 85 to 264 VAC.

Suitable for use in factories, machine shops and other harsh environments, BEA industrial lasers are designed for  the alignment and positioning of products, components and machine parts. In addition, BEA’s Yellow Sub and Yellow Torpedo lasers can be used for levelling. Other laser applications include drilling, event detection, edge detection, security, cutting, vision systems, metrology, barcode readers, robotic control and laboratory or test operations.


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