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LED lamps for industrial applications

June 21, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Jun. 21, 2018 – With its new PODIS LED lamps, Wieland Electric says it offers pluggable, maintenance-free lighting solutions for construction, industrial and machine applications.

According to the company, the PODIS LED lighting components are well-suited for use in industrial applications. The light delivers 2000 lumens with customizable light colours and illumination patterns, it says, explaining the pluggable fixtures promise flexibility while minimizing installation errors, time, and the need for specialized labour.

Different light distribution curves can be selected depending on the application. A lamp with a standard dispersion is well-suited for uniform illumination of a work area or room, explains Wieland. Narrow light cones are possible to illuminate localized work areas such as workstations and a confined area of a machine, meanwhile wide light cones are also ideally suited for long and narrow areas such as hallways, tunnels, shafts or wind towers.


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