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AXYZ adds WARDJet waterjet cutting systems in its Alberta, Ontario facilities

June 28, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Jun. 28, 2018 – AXYZ International, a global manufacturer of CNC router and knife cutting systems, recently acquired WARDJet, a manufacturer of waterjet cutting systems and custom solutions. Currently, WARDJet machines are demonstrated at WARDJet’s Ohio-based manufacturing facility. Now, AXYZ is installing the WARDJet X-1530 waterjet cutting system in its sales and demonstration facilities in Calgary, Alta., and Burlington, Ont., as well as Anaheim, Calif.

The X-1530 waterjet is described as a versatile machine that saves floor space while still being able to handle the toughest, industrial-sized jobs. Engineered from the ground up, it boasts superior speed, accuracy and strength.

“We researched other technologies in the industry and discovered waterjet cutting machines. What’s great about waterjets is they work on material that we can’t process on a CNC router,” said Greg Jenkins, Vice President, Sales, for AXYZ International.

Waterjet cutting machines are suitable for a multitude of industries including defence, aerospace and industrial foam cutting. Materials commonly cut with waterjet machines include alloys, steels, laminates, composites, plastics, acrylics, rubber, gaskets, fibreglass and glass.


“We can’t cut glass, steel, marble, stone or ceramics on a CNC router, and those are all very easily managed with a WARDJet waterjet cutting machine. This expanded ability gives our customers broader access to cutting technologies and opens up additional opportunities for them. Waterjets can handle greater thicknesses and the harder materials that CNC routers aren’t able to cut,” said Jenkins.

AXYZ International will install the X-1530 in these three facilities within the coming weeks. The long-range goal is to put a waterjet cutting machine in all AXYZ International demonstration and showroom facilities.

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