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Walter Surface Technologies debuts SURFOX 305 weld cleaning system

July 31, 2018
By Kristina Urquhart

July 31, 2018 – Walter Surface Technologies recently added the SURFOX™ 305, a patented electrochemical MIG and TIG weld cleaning system, to its product catalogue.

The system removes heat tint from the heat-affected zone of MIG, TIG and spot welds on stainless steel and aluminum. It cleans surfaces without disrupting passivation on stainless steel or altering the finish, and its dynamic current control protects the surface against micro-pitting. With an integrated tank and flow-through system, SURFOX™ 305 delivers the electrolyte solution directly to the workpiece to minimize the risk of spillage or cross-contamination.

The SURFOX™ 305 allows users to quickly change out brushes, which are designed to clean large and hard-to-reach areas. Other features include an AC mode for cleaning and marking, a DC mode for polishing and etching, and a built-in vapour dispersion system.


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