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NOS Microsystems offers getPlus, an ESD solution for industrial automation

August 14, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

August 14, 2018 – NOS Microsystems offers an electronic software delivery (ESD) solution, getPlus, to help industrial automation customers make the transition to Industry 4.0.

The software delivery manager is lightweight at 200kB (<1MB) on the client side. The software acts as an intelligent ecosystem that fully integrates into clients’ existing databases, such as SAP and Oracle, to establish ESD or enhance the ratio of existing ESD with self-service access to software updates.

getPlus links clients with their customer by connecting to suppliers’ current web interfaces. There, it provides an easy-to-use platform that automizes the updating process for customers. Upon software delivery, it generates a unique targeted sales point based on user data collected. The end result ensures convenience, reduced support costs, superior life cycle maintenance of products, and revenue recognition right across the supply chain, says NOS Microsystems.

The solution was developed by cybersecurity and electronic download experts. It establishes a TLS connection, runs prechecks before download and bypasses tax and customs regulations. Automation providers that use getPlus are also able to directly inform customers of new devices and other updates. The software also tracks downloads and maintenance expirations.


getPlus already services over one billion downloads annually for clients around the world across several industries, including for Rockwell Automation, Siemens and Nokia.

NOS Microsystems is a London-based company that specializes in electronic software distribution, download management technology and large data. 

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