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Kyntronics develops SMART hydraulic actuator system powered by servo motor

August 22, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

August 22, 2018 – Motion control and actuation specialist Kyntronics has developed a patent-pending SMART hydraulic actuator (SHA) with a compact footprint, combining the power-to-weight ratio advantage of hydraulic technology with the versatility, ease of installation and control of electric servo technology.

The actuation system precisely controls position, force and speed in applications requiring 500 lb (2,225N) to over 100,000 lb (445kN) of force capacity. The SHA system produces strokes up to 120in (3,048mm) and can be oriented in any position.

The solution is powered by a servo motor that drives a hydraulic pump, which generates pressure to act on a cylinder to provide optimal mechanical actuation force. The configuration also features a servo drive controller, actuator, manifold and built-in transducers, providing essential closed-loop precision force and position control. Fieldbus capabilities include Ethernet, CAN and Serial.

To compensate for the differential between a cylinder’s cap and rod ends, the hydraulic cylinder includes an outer low-pressure cylinder with a second inner high-pressure cylinder, creating a chamber between the two.


A pre-engineered attached controller is a standard option. The controller is properly sized for the application and is pre-configured and tested at the factory to reduce set-up time and eliminate programming. Software tools are available to setup or alter desired motion profiles as required.

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