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Carlo Gavazzi launches RGC3 48 series of solid-state relays

December 14, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

December 14, 2018 – Carlo Gavazzi has launched the RGC3 48 series, the newest addition to its portfolio of three-phase RGC3 solid-state relays (SSRs).

The RGC3 48 series, is a 48 AAC per phase–rated device with a panel mount or through-wall mount, natural convection heat sink.

To keep the dimensions compact, the existing RGC3 solutions at higher current ratings (above 40 AAC) use forced ventilation and hence require a supply voltage. The new 48 AAC rated three-phase relay uses a larger, natural convection heat sink that eliminates the need for additional supply voltage if system monitoring is not required.

The device can be panel-mounted inside of an electrical enclosure, or if a side-wall cutout is available, the heat sink portion of the relay can be mounted outside of the cabinet. Through-wall mounting offers an additional benefit of keeping the heat generated during the operation of the SSRs outside of the enclosure, away from other sensitive electronic equipment.


The AAC-rated RGC3 48 series are available with line voltage ratings up to 600VAC, either DC or AC control, with optional system monitoring featuring electromechanical relay alarm and auxiliary output. Applications include HVAC, heat tracing, plastics or packaging, especially in situations where supply voltage is not available, or heat generated by the operation of an SSR has to be kept outside of the enclosure.

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