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Bosch Rexroth introduces IO-Link capability for hydraulics

April 24, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

April 24, 2019 – Bosch Rexroth has announced its 4WRPEH proportional control valves and HEDE10 pressure switches are now available with IO-Link interfaces, the open standard for hydraulic actuators and sensors. 

Connection is realized via the decentralized and quick IP67 I/O system S67E IO-Link Master. This offers users direct access to the field bus and all data provided by the actuator/sensor.

IO-Link is supported by around 150 companies and enables digital communication of peripheral valves and pressure switches. IO-Link standardizes and simplifies wiring thanks to standard M12 connectors with unshielded three-conductor/five-conductor cables. This way, extensive time and fault-intensive individual wiring per hand is no longer required.

Project planning of devices is realized with the engineering tool of the respective PLC manufacturer. All blocks for communication are freely available for the IoT-ready PLC systems ILC and Motion Control systems. In combination with IndraWorks Engineering, they enable direct access to project planning, parameterization and testing. The parameters can always be adjusted to new conditions.


The standardized electronic nameplate of plug-and-play devices reduces machine and system standstill. By means of authorized remove control, servicing operations are enabled to access and evaluate operating conditions like temperature, operating hours and error status during running production for predictive maintenance concepts. This way, wear and system errors can be recognized before failure and machine standstill.

The respective devices with servicing requirements are localized and displayed. Thanks to IO-Link, devices can also be replaced by personnel without special training.

Components are clearly identified via site ID and electronic nameplate for easy replacement by interchangeable components. Parameterization is carried out automatically by the IO-Link Master without any need for action by the technician.

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