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The Kistler Group debuts calculator for measurement uncertainty

May 1, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

May 1, 2019 – The Kistler Group has launched KiXact, a technology that enables measurement uncertainty to be reliably and automatically calculated and interpreted by the user.

An uncertainty of measurement is not an exception – every measurement – from torque to dynamic pressure to force – in research and industry is associated with a certain degree of inaccuracy. Even small fluctuations in the ambient temperature can lead to deviations that make the result unreliable and unusable.

As part of the KiDAQ data acquisition system, KiXact results can be analyzed using the KiStudio Lab software provided. External influencing factors such as ambient temperature and humidity for the respective measurement are stored in the program and included in the KiXact calculation.

The analysis recognizes early which factors in the measurement chain are influencing the measurement, giving operators the opportunity to adjust parameters accordingly.


The KiDAQ data acquisition system is modular in terms of both hardware and software. Kistler offers a wide range of measurement modules as well as various analog and digital inputs. The modules are available in three different housing variants.

Multiple measuring devices can be combined and are precisely time-synchronized. The measurement platform is based on cloud technologies and enables extensions for future applications, even through partner companies.

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