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Rockwell Automation releases new ThinManager software with language support

May 16, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

May 16, 2019 – Rockwell Automation has released the new ThinManager version 11.0 software, which delivers production information from any FactoryTalk application to operators wherever they are in a facility.

Operators can customize the way information is delivered to any device (fixed or mobile), user or location.

The release includes support for 11 local languages in 12 countries, which allows workers to input data, such as passwords, using their native language and character sets. Version 11.0 adds support for non-English keyboards and the ability to configure the software’s on-screen keyboard in non-English languages. More localized support features will be added in future software releases.

In addition, with version 11.0, operators have more ways to customize and view information. For example, at fixed terminals, operators can now build an entire control room view using a single thin client with the ThinManager software’s expanded MultiMonitor feature. The feature supports up to seven monitors on a single terminal. This creates an easy way to expand control room visualization without purchasing, configuring and managing multiple thin client devices. It also includes support for the new Allen-Bradley VersaView 5200 thin clients, which provide up to seven video outputs with 4K resolution.


Operators can also now view multiple content sources on one mobile device screen. This can help them keep an eye on multiple aspects of production and maximize productivity while on the move. For instance, a supervisor could see alarm, camera and productivity applications all on one screen. And as they walk the plant floor, the ThinManager software’s Relevance feature can refresh the content based on their location.

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