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Aerotech releases XC2 digital drive for motion control

July 25, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

July 25, 2019 – Aerotech has released the XC2 PWM digital drive, a small form-factor, single-axis motor drive designed for motion control applications.

It is compatible with the Automation 3200 motion platform using the HyperWire motion bus. The XC2 can control brushless DC, brush DC, voice coil, or stepper motors at up to 100 VDC operating voltage and 10 A peak current capability.

The current loop and servo-loop are digitally closed to ensure the highest level of positioning accuracy and rate stability. This allows loop closure rates of up to 20 kHz while also permitting real-time digital and analog I/O processing, data collection, process control and encoder multiplication.

The XC2 includes safe torque off (STO), a data array consisting of over four million 32-bit elements, dedicated home and end-of-travel limit inputs, and an enhanced current sense device. Encoder support includes square-wave, sine-wave and absolute encoders.


The XC2 accepts square-wave encoder feedback at rates of up to 40 million counts-per-second. Sine-wave encoders can be multiplied by up to 16,384 for high-resolution position feedback.

Each single-axis XC2 PWM digital drive has an optional I/O expansion board, greatly increasing the number of I/O points. This I/O board also includes a dedicated PSO output.

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