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Yaskawa Motoman releases PH-series long-reach robots

August 7, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Yaskawa Motoman PH-130RF robot.

August 7, 2019 – Yaskawa Motoman has announced its long-reach, shelf-mounted PH-series robots specifically designed for the rigours of press room environments.

Available in two models, the six-axis PH130RF and PH200RF robots feature a high vibration rating for superior performance and maximum durability in press handling applications.

The streamlined, long reach design allows the robots to work in tight spaces and service multiple presses. The PH130RF model services press pitches up to seven metres, and the PH200RF model services press pitches from six to 8.5 metres. High moment and inertia ratings enable the PH-series models to easily handle large blanks and formed parts.

The shelf-mount design saves valuable floorspace, expands the work envelope and eases die change-out, while providing flexibility for custom layouts.


Both models feature long-life speed reducers to facilitate highly repetitive handling operations, as well as high-performance drive systems on the S-, L- and U-axes (axes 1, 2 and 3) for high-duty cycle and increased durability.

The PH130RF robot offers a 130-kilogram payload capacity, and the PH200RF robot offers a 200-kilogram payload capacity. Exceptionally fast axis speeds and acceleration capabilities can reduce cycle time and increase production output.

A single cable is all that is needed to connect the manipulator to the controller. Both the PH130RF and PH200RF robots come equipped with an IP67-rated wrist and an IP30 body as standard.

PH-series robots are controlled by Yaskawa’s high-performance YRC1000 controller that is built to a global standard and does not require a transformer for input voltages ranging from 380VAC to 480VAC. The YRC1000 is highly compact (598 W x 490 H x 427 D mm), resulting in reduced space requirements.

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