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Festo debuts YJKP modular servo press kit with Industry 4.0 capability

August 9, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

August 9, 2019 – Festo’s new all-in-one YJKP modular servo press kit delivers a high level of precision and repetition accuracy for up to 15 common tasks, including bending, stamping and crimping.

Each YJKP comes pre-assembled and pre-tested. All components – electric spindle drive, motor, motor controller, force sensor and control system – are ideally matched to deliver press forces up to 17 kN. Festo also offers a special-order version of the YJKP with a force range up to 44 kN.

The spindle axis, mounting kit and servo are combined as a single application-specific module for fast integration.

The YJKP’s modular software features application-specific functions for up to 15 common tasks, like press-fitting connectors on PCBs, bending, stamping, crimping, securing, riveting, punching and straightening. The software can be used with a web visualization tool, laptop, tablet or other human machine interface and is compatible with all major platforms.


Configuration options for the YJKP include a range of stroke lengths from 100-400 mm, axial or parallel motor attachment, motor with or without a holding brake, single turn or multi-turn encoders, and the appropriate cable lengths for the job.

The press controller’s CPC–UA interface makes it adaptable to Industry 4.0 systems. Users can exchange control and process data with a higher order controllers over an Ethernet interface as soon as the press controller is integrated into a local network.

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