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Omron launches advanced safety light curtain for flexible production lines

September 23, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

September 23, 2019 – Omron Automation Americas recently launched a state-of-the-art light curtain that meets the needs for more flexible production line design.

The broad functionality of the F3SG-SR Series Safety Light Curtain helps manufacturers comply with global safety standards.

Omron’s curtain minimizes wiring connections and provides easy-to-see colour indicators for quick verification of beam status and alignment.

In addition, the F3SG-SR supports a broader range of manufacturing needs by providing the necessary ruggedness to function in harsh environments. With an oil-proof IP67G rating and the ability to function in temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F), this advanced design helps avoid the tendency of malfunction in many demanding industrial settings.


The light curtain has simple beam adjustment and multiple accessory options to reduce installation time. These user-friendly features make it unnecessary to hire an engineer with specialized expertise to set up the F3SG-SR. The light curtain also makes it easier to identify the cause of equipment stoppages.

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