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Verti-Lift shuttle/transfer cart combines lifting and conveying

September 25, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

September 25, 2019 – Verti-Lift has developed shuttle/transfer carts with the integration of portability, lifting and conveying.

With the option of V-groove casters or flanged casters (for plant pedestrian traffic areas that will not allow obstruction), portability allows product movement between multiple work cells or processes.

The integrated scissor lift allows for elevation changes, while the conveyor provides the ability to transfer product between multiple work cells or processes. Whether the application requires sheet handling (steel plate, wood or corrugated), product handling (electrical enclosures, lockers or a wide range of oversized products), or unit load handling (pallets, totes or containers), the integration of portability, lifting, and conveying, make the Verti-Lift Shuttle/Transfer Cart a solution when material flow from work cell to work cell is required.

The company works closely with distributors and system integrators to design, build, and integrate their material handling equipment into new or existing facilities and production lines.

All Verti-Lift products feature easily accessible internal power units, heavy duty cylinders, hand or foot controls, heavy duty tubular frames, heavy duty hydraulic cylinders, and lifetime lubricated bearings to ensure a long service life.

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