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Bombardier Inc. says its net loss surged to US$223 million in the second quarter on a big drop in revenues due to pandemic-related disruptions. #mfg #manufacturing

. @GM has added 17 production-grade 3D printers from @Stratasys over the past several months to make tooling that will help optimize efficiency on the production line. See how they're using additive #manufacturing: #mfg #3Dprinting

How industrial Ethernet-enabled integrated motors facilitate data transfer to the PLC: #automation #motioncontrol #mfg

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Durham Instruments

No matter what type of encoder you’re looking for, Durham Instruments Inc. has the product for you. With a wide selection of sensors designed with...

Rotem Industrial Products Inc

We can supply drills in wide range of varieties. We have step-drills, indexable insert drills, multi-flute drills and much more. We can offer tools for ...

Electric Switches
MagneLink Inc

Electric switches of many varieties are available from MagneLink Inc. Our products are magnetically actuated and offer low maintenance requirements with...

Bolts & Nuts
Ken Forging

Ken Forging Inc. makes nuts and bolts that are sure to satisfy your fastener needs. We know that small fasteners can make a big difference in your busin...

Cut Gears & Pinions
Rapid Gear

Whether you need a prototype or a full order, cut gears and pinions from Rapid Gear are sure to meet your needs. Ideal for any drive system or transmiss...

Courses And Seminars Training
CSA Group

Courses and seminars from CSA Group can make improve your staff’s capabilities on the job. Industry never stops growing and changing, which means ...