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Eclipse Innovations, the incubator launched by @eclipseautomate earlier this year, is receiving over $1.4 million from the Ontario government to scale up its manufacture of N95 masks. #AutomationInCanada #automation #mfg

Kurt Oberparleiter, vice-president of operations at @SunviewDoors, says his company called on @OTTOMotors to test its AMR ahead of a full-scale plan to eventually replace all of Sunview’s tow motors with autonomous vehicles. #robotics #AutomationInCanada

Ficodis Group has continued its expansion into the Ontario market with the acquisition of Mackenzie Milne, a Sarnia-based supplier of industrial and safety supplies. #mfg #manufacturing

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Industrial Vacuum Systems
Lincoln Electric (Canada)

Lincoln Electric can provide a variety of vacuum systems for welding fume control applications. Some of the equipment we offer includes portable and sta...

Adjustable Yokes
Advance Fasteners Ltd

Adjustable yokes are available from Advance Fasteners Ltd. Also referred to as yoke ends, these fittings are commonly used on the end of rods, pipes, tu...

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd serves a wide range of industries with cutting, converting, manufacturing, and supplying capabilities catering to the unique ne...

Corrosion Resistant Products
Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited

Johnston Industrial Plastics Ltd. supplies a variety of corrosion resistant products. Some of the various materials we offer include PVC, CPVC, PTFE, an...

Manufactured Stone
Century Machine Inc

We manufacture a variety of abrasive stones. Our selection ranges from resin bond and vitrified bonds to silicon carbide. They offer fast and efficient ...

Broaching Presses
The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

Broaching presses in many styles are available from The Ohio Broach & Machine Co. Our selection of machines includes options for almost any applicat...