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Industry ran at 80.5 percent of capacity in Q4, up from previous quarter: StatsCan
Statistics Canada says the economy operated at 80.5 percent of its production capacity in the fourth quarter, up half a point from the third quarter. Find out how the manufacturing sector performed.

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Enabling Innovation for Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Excellence

Zero Defect Realization - Advanced technologies to assist you in achieving the goal of Zero defects. We offer in-process, high speed, 100% inspection for discrete component manufacturing to find defects and problems before the parts make it to the next station in the production line.

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Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing - Solutions to achieve greater efficiencies for the manufacturing process. Quality and efficiency have both direct and indirect effects on your bottom line, making the importance of being able to continuously monitor and update your process critical to your business.

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Traceability/Genealogy/Part Marking - Our solutions apply unique identifiers directly to parts or assemblies. These unique identifiers can be read throughout the entire manufacturing process allowing for both real-time and historical data availability for process monitoring, quality assurance, and warranty reduction programs. We can handle large volumes of data efficiently along with storing contextual information associated with real time events and easily track serialized numbers through hundreds of separate assembly stations and multiple assembly zones.

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