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Cube20 – Connect up to 488 I/O Channels in the Cabinet
Cube20 offers point-to-point diagnostics, the ability to isolate power for outputs, and a backplane communication via ribbon cable. With Cube 20's integrated switch for Ethernet/IP and ProfiNet, users can easily access a webserver with Ethernet/IP module. This device is versatile offering both digital and analog I/O and also has an option to expand outside the panel. Several industrial protocols are available for Cube20 such as Ethernet/IP, Profibus DP and ProfiNet.
Cost Savings come by being able to reduce the size of control cabinets or saving cabinet space for other components.
Demonstrations of the product are available by contacting
  MIRO 6.2 Pluggable
Pluggable Relays – High Resistance Against Vibration and Shock
The rugged and durable Pluggable Relays are 100% tested and vibration resistant. It includes features such as a green LED indicator in the front that shows the relay status and right below it is a label telling you the coil voltage. The MIRO pluggable relays have 4 terminal points dedicated for bridging power and signals and has a maximum shock load of 15G and works in a temperature range of -25°C to 60°C.
You can save money by because the integrated suppressor means that there is no need for an external suppressor! Also the size of the relays are compact being only 6.2 mm wide and come in various relay socket voltage levels: 24V, 60V, 115V, 230V.
Contact us  to learn more about Murrelektronik Pluggable Relays.
  Murrelektronik MSDD Modlink
MSDD Modlink Programming Ports – Over 4,000 Combinations
Connect to machine data without having to open the cabinet door!
MSDD panel interfaces have inserts for both data and power connections including finger-safe solutions for the power sockets. We offer a wide range of international power sockets and a great assortment of data ports. Some data ports available include SUBD 25, RJ45, USB 3.0.
The interfaces are easy to install, and come with drawings available for designers or installers. The frames are available in both single and double gang and have covers, which are metallic or transparent. The covers create an IP65 protection, making it resistant to dirt, dust and humidity.
The MSDD saves you time in installation, reduces labour costs and gives you easy access to power and data without having to open the cabinet doors.
If you want to get a quote, just email us.
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