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MICO-Electronic Fusing/Circuit Breaker

MICO – Electronic Fusing/Circuit Breaker now with 8-channels

MICO Basic is a part of Murrelektronik’s highly successful electronic protection for 24VDC. It features 8 channels with amperage fixed at 2, 4 or 6A per channel. LEDs show the operating conditions of the individual channels and, when blinking, indicate that a maximum load of 90 % is reached. If there is an overload or short circuit, MICO switches the affected channel off and the LED blinks red. A group alarm contact sends the current status to the control.

Your benefits: Less downtime, no more blown fuses, no need to stock multiple fuses and circuit breakers, etc.

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Emparro67-Power Supply outside the Control Cabinet

Emparro67 – Power Supply outside the Control Cabinet

Murrelektronik’s Emparro67 Power Supplies are specially designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. They can be installed directly in the field, next to the loads which reduces power loss to a minimum. Emparro67 power supplies work reliably in temperatures of -25 to +85°C and they are, of course, short and overload protected.

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Cable Bundles-Easy handling spools!

Cable Bundles - Easy handling spools!

Murrelektronik is pleased to announce the expansion of the length of our cable spools from 100m up to 500m. This expansion is also valid for Fieldbus cables. You can choose from different jacket materials, colors and diameters so you will always get the right cable for your application.

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