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Manufacturers Automation Inc.

Enhance Cyber Security while Maintaining Data Speed

EDR-810 series is an industrial multiport secure router withFirewall/NAT/VPN and managed L2 switching functions, which allow the EDR-810 to transmit data efficiently while protecting the network and critical devices from cyber attacks. The EDR-810’s integration of security and networking functionality into a single device saves extra deployment cost and effort.
Moxa’s Gigabit-performance security routers can be deployed in networks that need secure remote access.
For more information contact:
Manufacturers Automation or call 1-800-387-6268.
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Manufacturers Automation Inc.

Patlite - New: LA6 Revolite

Traditional signal towers offer only 5 colours and 1 or 2 alarms but with Patlite’s New LA6 Revolite things have changed now you can select up to 21 colours and 11 alarms.
These colours can be displayed in steady or various flashing rates. The entire tower can be one colour or multiple colours accompanied with alarms. The LA6 Revolvlite can be used as a traditional signal tower, pace setter, level indicator, etc. The possibilities are endless.
For more information contact:
Manufacturers Automation or call 1-800-387-6268.
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Mechatronic 5-finger gripper hand goes into series production

RTDs, Thermocouples, Transmitters & Controls IN STOCK for quick shipment!
• Probes, Miniature sensors, HVAC sensors, Flexible Thermal-Ribbons
• Fittings, Connection heads & Complete Assemblies
• Platinum, Nickel, Nickel-iron, and Copper RTD's
• Thermocouples in J, K and T in stock
• 3 and 12 channel Temperature/Process Monitors in stock
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SMARTLEVEL sensors solve applications that were previously difficult or even impossible.

Foam, film or material build up causes conventional capacitive sensors to false trigger. Rely on SMARTLEVEL capacitive sensors to distinguish true liquid levels. Available in a wide array of housing shapes and materials, Smartlevel sensors penetrate glass or plastic container walls up to 10 mm thick and detect aqueous and highly conductive media. Smartlevel provides cost-effective, reliable point-level monitoring for a wide range of manufacturing processes to increase application reliability and optimize the production process. >> Learn more...


I-Mark I-Series dot-peen marking system

The I-Mark I-Series dot-peen marking system comes complete with head, controller, cables, and software. The I-Series marking system is the perfect solution for integrated production applications. The compact head approximately 7" square may be mounted on one of three sides, marks up to five characters per second. The I-series has a pneumatic marking pin and carbide tip to inscribe many different materials. The controller offers a choice of communications Ethernet IP, Modbus, Serial, and I/O. >> Learn more...

FreePoint Technologies

New ShiftWorx Platform Puts Everyone On Same Page.

FreePoint Technologies has just released their new ShiftWorx platform for small and medium sized manufacturing companies. ShiftWorx is a powerful and flexible machine monitoring and visual management tool that does more than generate reports for management, it puts everyone in the company on the same page, focusing on the activities that matter most: value adding work. Engage your whole team by focusing on value, and valuing the people. >> Watch video...

HMI & Operator Interface Technology Handbook

HMI & Operator Interface Technology Handbook

Check out MA’s HMI & Operator Interface Technology Handbook to learn more about the latest products, technologies and solutions shaping the market.

Manufacturing AUTOMATION’s next Technology Handbook will focus on CONNECTIVITY (ad deadline: August 21). To advertise, please contact Klaus Pirker at 905-726-4670,
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Questions about our MA Connects, e-mail: