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Allied Electronics & Automation carrying Omron predictive maintenance solutions

August 13, 2021  By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Allied Electronics & Automation has partnered with Omron Industrial Automation to promote its latest line of predictive maintenance solutions.

Omron’s products monitor equipment status in real time and use artificial intelligence to identify and schedule optimal windows of opportunity to schedule repairs.

Allied offers a number of Omron predictive maintenance solutions, with plans to expand in the near future. These include:

  • S8VK-X: Ethernet-connected power supply with current operation status and condition alerts
  • K6CM-VB: Ethernet-connected vibration and temperature sensing for three-phase motors with condition alerts
  • K6CM-VB: Ethernet-connected current sensing for three-phase motors (up to 7.5KW) with condition alerts
  • K6CM-VB: Ethernet-connected insulation resistance sensing for three-phase motors with condition alerts
  • K6PM-TH: Ethernet-connected thermal imaging system with condition alerts
  • K7GE-MG: Insulation resistance monitor for any motor type/any size, up to eight motors, with condition alerts

All predictive maintenance solutions come with PC-based equipment monitoring software. Also, each product can be retrofitted onto existing equipment using a screw-in sensor, transformer clamp, or bracket.


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