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American National Carbide celebrates 40 years of ERP loyalty with Global Shop Solutions

March 1, 2017
By Global Shop Solutions

Mar. 1, 2017 – If you think customer loyalty is hard to achieve in today’s highly competitive manufacturing environment, try telling that to Global Shop Solutions. The global producer of ERP software for manufacturers recently announced that American National Carbide (ANC), a make-to-order manufacturer of tungsten carbide products, recently passed the 40-year mark as a loyal Global Shop Solutions customer.

“We made a conscious decision to stick with Global Shop Solutions because of the software’s ever-expanding capabilities, the ROI of the product, and the service we received,” said ANC president and CEO Greg Stroud. “Over the years, the system has become part of our company’s DNA, interwoven in every aspect of our business. We couldn’t operate without it.”

According to Stroud, the company originally purchased the software in the early 1970s. Back then, long before personal computers burst upon the scene, Global Shop Solutions used punch cards and large floppy disks to organize and store production data for users. As computer and software technologies improved, the ERP software continually grew in size and sophistication, and ANC remained steadfast in its loyalty to the product and the company.

Using Global Shop Solutions to manage ANC’s production and back-office processes has yielded ongoing improvements in virtually every area of the business, including:

• Major improvements to inventory and scheduling;
• 95 per cent on-time delivery rates;
• Dramatic improvements in labour efficiency, accompanied by significant
reductions in labour costs; and
• Vastly improved customer service that has driven customer retention to
unprecedented levels.


Even after 40 years, ANC still finds new and better ways to use the software to reduce costs, improve production efficiency, and serve their customers better.

“Global Shop Solutions ERP software is the glue that binds our organization together,” said Stroud. “It supports all our processes and programs, and keeps everyone on the same page. We wouldn’t be where we are today without it.”

Dusty Alexander, president and CEO of Global Shop Solutions, shared his thoughts on the unique long-term relationship.

“We are humbled at the kind words and longevity of our relationship from our great customer and friends at ANC,” he commented. “Their loyalty to our business has made many contributions to our product over the past 40 years. We congratulate them on their many Global Shop Solutions initiatives that simplified the way they do business. We wish their business and our relationship continued success for decades to come!”

American National Carbide is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of tungsten carbide products for a range of industries, including metalworking, oil and gas, and wood processing, as well as zinc reclaim powders and ready-to-press grade powders. In addition to its 50 standard grades, ANC says it can formulate new grades to exact specifications, since it produces all its raw materials in-house and its tooling design and production capabilities allow it to create complex geometries without issue.

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