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ASTM International’s F45 committee proposes standard for robotic training systems

March 9, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

ASTM International’s robotics, automation, and autonomous systems committee F45 is developing a proposed standard that will focus on the use of hardware and peripherals in robotic training systems.

The proposed standard, WK84838, will help to ensure that hardware and peripherals from different manufacturers can work seamlessly, explains ASTM member Anton Koretskov, in a press statement. This will allow for greater flexibility in building and configuring robotic training systems.

Additionally, the proposed standard will address issues of safety and cost-efficiency to training systems.

“The proposed standard can help ensure that robotic training systems perform consistently and reliably across different environments and use cases,” says Koretskov. “The standard will also help enable innovation and advancement in the field by providing guidelines for future development and encouraging new ideas.”


Koretskov adds that the committee is looking for interested people who want to participate in the development of the proposed standard. The committee is particularly looking for original equipment manufacturers of robots and robotic training systems, as well as STEM educators.

Committee Contact: Nora Nimmerichter, tel +1.610.832.9815;

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