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Beckhoff releases AL8000 linear motor series with modular design

November 3, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Beckhoff has added the AL8000 series, a new generation of modular linear motors developed in cooperation with Fertig Motors, a Beckhoff subsidiary.

The new AL8000 product family is based on a modular system design consisting of linear motors and magnetic plates. Users can choose between three widths: 50 mm (AL8x2x), 80 mm (AL8x4x) and 130 mm (AL8x6x).

In addition, each width category offers a range of different linear motor types in terms of overall length, type of winding and cooling type.

The standard product portfolio contains a total of 28 different linear motor types for implementing highly dynamic and powerful linear axes to suit specific application requirements.


Depending on the size of the linear motor, peak forces of 120 to 6,750 N are possible as well as maximum speeds of up to 12 m/s.

In keeping with the modular system principle, the entire linear motor coil part is composed of identical individual segments.

There are uniform intervals between the mounting holes of the linear motors throughout the entire AL8000 series, for machine builders to construct the machine slide. It ensures consistent force and temperature distribution within the motor without critical hot spots.

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