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Bosch Rexroth set to acquire majority stake in Kassow Robots

March 21, 2022
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Bosch Rexroth is acquiring a majority stake in Denmark-based Kassow Robots. Both companies signed a contract to that effect on March 18. Kassow Robots develops and produces collaborative robots (cobots) for industrial applications with around 25 associates at their Copenhagen and Prague sites.

“Collaborative industrial robots are another important building block for the versatile Factory of the Future,” said Dr. Marc Wucherer, a member of Bosch Rexroth’s executive board who oversees sales and factory automation.

Kassow Robots manufacturers lightweight robots that can be used in different ways in industrial production. According to a statement released by the company, Kassow’s cobots have a high payload and range and can be used in the tightest of spaces. The cobots have seven axes, thus being able to grasp items around corners as well.

“There is a huge demand for flexible robotic systems. In the coming years, the market for cobots is expected to grow by 15 to 20 percent each year. We want to take advantage of this potential and expand our portfolio with collaborative robots from Kassow Robots. This will benefit in particular our customers in the consumer goods and mobility industry including battery production as well as in the semiconductor production,” said Wucherer.


With this acquisition, Bosch Rexroth plans on helping Kassow Robots expand globally.

“With Bosch Rexroth, we have found a partner who is an international leader in factory automation and who can help us expand our business activities. This will enable us to open up new markets for our cobot portfolio,” explained Kristian Kassow, the company’s founder, managing director and joint owner.

Kassow Robots currently offers five collaborative robot models. The products offer a reach from 850 to 1800 millimetres, payloads from five to 18 kilograms and can achieve joint speeds of up to 225 degrees per second.

All models have seven axes. The software provides a modular platform allowing easy integration of peripherals like grippers, vision systems or other customized functionalities.

The cobots can be used for a wide range of automation tasks, including packing, machine loading, pick-and-place applications and visual quality control.

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