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c3controls releases new high-density terminal blocks for wiring

November 26, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

c3controls high density terminal block

c3controls has introduced a new line of high-density terminal blocks featuring multiple terminal points in a single housing, enabling high wiring density with less individual blocks to save space on the DIN rail.

The new terminal blocks are shock- and vibration-resistant, ideal for high-impact applications, and are available with large marking strips for quick and accurate identification of all terminals.

The new high-density terminal blocks are ready to install right out of the box, with the screws already set in the backed-out position, designed with convenient spring-return open terminals that make wiring much easier. The screws don’t fall out no matter the mounting position, allowing quick and efficient access wire routing, even when installed in an upside down position.

Available in terminal points of four, six and 12 in a single moulded housing made from unbreakable thermoplastic, the blocks carry an electrical rating of 30A @ 600V AC (UL/CSA) continuous service, and are directly interchangeable with GE CR151 terminal blocks with more features and functionality.


They accommodate #18 to #10 AWG (0.34 – 4mm2) stranded or solid copper wire, and accept fork, and ring type connectors, including installation of two ring conductors, up to 12-10 AWG ring lug. The blocks feature an integrated 35mm DIN rail snap and panel mounting geometry for installation flexibility.

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