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Canvass AI and Brock Solutions enter into partnership to drive AI innovation

September 24, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Canvass Analytics and Brock Solutions are partnering to drive ROI from AI implementations across the industry. Brock Solutions is an engineering company that focuses on the real-time operations space, supporting broad-based manufacturing organizations globally.

“Our partnership with Brock Solutions marks another milestone in our growth strategy that focuses on empowering the industrial sector with AI to drive a sustainable future. Together, we will help industrials accelerate their adoption of AI so that they can derive the full value of digital investments and address their key operational challenges. Working with industry leaders, like Brock Solutions, will further enable us to expand our global footprint with the world’s leading manufacturers,” shared Humera Malik, CEO of Canvass AI. 

This partnership will bring AI innovation with industry domain expertise, automation, integration engineering and the knowledge on harnessing data to access information. The companies’ joint offering aims at accelerating the digitalization journey in the industry. 

“AI is a critical enabler to future-proofing the industrial sector. By partnering with Canvass, Brock will help industries to close the gap between industrial operations and the potential of AI. With Canvass AI’s field-proven platform, we would be able to accelerate a manufacturer’s digitalization journey, drive efficiencies in production, optimize the use of capital-intensive equipment and tooling and lower scrap,” said Greg Cantlon, consulting leader and client executive at Brock Solutions. 


The purpose-built Canvass AI platform enables companies to handle operational challenges, such as reducing carbon emissions, lowering costs and optimizing energy consumption.

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