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CenterLine releases SoftMount Gun for projection welding

August 20, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

CenterLine (Windsor) Limited has launched the SoftMount Gun, designed to mechanically fine-adjust its position to a stamped hole to consistently projection weld a fastener.

It is ideal for robot applications where part dimensions, hole locations, or tooling are slightly inconsistent.

This system is available in two configurations: Standard Feed Process (SFP) for nut and stud welding applications, and Inverted Feed Process (IFP) for nut welding and special applications.

The SoftMount Gun includes a compliance feature and the entire gun design has been optimized to create stability and ease of movement.


The compliance mount assembly is set far enough from the weld plane that it does not introduce variation to the welding process itself.

Some of the standard features include a patended LVDT for accurate detection of fastener presence, orientation and measurement of set down, and a patented quick fastener placement (QFP) unit for rapid nut feed in the IFP configuration.

The product has a C-frame mounting style to return the gun to the initial position without external force, and offers low-impact actuator choices to achieve a wide range of welding forces.

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