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CLPA to highlight real-world advantages of Time-Sensitive Networking at TSN/A conference

September 1, 2022
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

The 2022 TSN Technologies & Applications Conference (TSN/A) is offering a platform to showcase practical, real-world implementations of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). TSN is currently acknowledged as the key enabler for the e-factories of the future. The event takes place on September 28 and 29.

During the event, CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) will demonstrate how the technology can address the specific needs of manufacturers. The organization will also explore a number of practical applications leveraging the CLPA’s open TSN solution, CC-Link IE TSN.

The TSN/A Conference offers a platform to discuss the latest developments in IEEE 802.1 technology. This year, the event will focus on ‘TSN in reality,’ highlighting current and planned deployments as well as emerging use cases and applications. As the first organization to launch an open industrial Ethernet technology with TSN functions – in addition to gigabit bandwidth, the CLPA will provide key insights on the topic.

A session presented by John Browett, general manager at CLPA Europe, will demonstrate how CLPA’s open network technology CC-Link IE TSN can be used to drive productivity, quality and competitiveness in a number of sectors. The session will also discuss use cases.


The presentation, taking place from 15:45 on September 28, will also provide an overview of interesting real-world projects and applications that are leveraging CC-Link IE TSN to improve machines and processes.

Tom Burke, global strategic advisor at CLPA, says, “The TSN/A Conference offers a fantastic opportunity to stay up to date with the latest developments in TSN and its use. The event is extremely important to drive the adoption of this game-changing technology, especially considering how it has quickly become essential, with many companies already starting to deploy it. Users worldwide are already reporting major advantages of leveraging our solution CC-Link IE TSN, as they are able to enhance their operations, reduce costs and ultimately better serve their customers. We look forward to sharing these successful applications and other opportunities available to a broad range of industries.”

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