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Term Definition
Adjustable Speed

The concept of varying the speed of a motor, either manually or automatically. The desired operating speed (set speed) is relatively constant regardless of load.


Automated Instrument Manager


a set of rules specifying a sequence of actions taken to solve a problem.

                                                        Ampere (amp) A unit used to define the rate of flow of electricity (current) in a circuit.

Automated mapping/facilities maintenance; see also FM/AM


A device which draws power from a source other than the input signal and which produces as an output an enlarged reproduction of the essential features of its input.

Analog Circuit

1) A circuit in which the signal can vary continuously between specified limits.
2) A circuit that provides a continuous function.

Analog Input Module

An I/O module that contains circuits that convert analog dc input signals to digital values that can be manipulated by the processor. By implication, these analog inputs are usually direct (i.e., a data table value directly reflects the analog signal value).

Analog Output Module

An I/O module that contains circuits that output an analog dc signal proportional to a digital value transferred to the module from the processor. By implication, these analog outputs are usually direct (i.e., a data table value directly controls the analog signal value).

Analog signal

any form of data transmission where the pneumatic, mechanical, or electrical energy signal is varied in direct proportion to the intensity of the physical quantity, property, or condition represented.


Unit of measure for the wavelength of light (10A = 1nm).


American National Standards Institute: The institute that co-ordinates the development of standards and guidelines used in the United States. ANSI is the only United States representative to the international Standards Organization.


Application Platform is the part of the Systems Management Services (SMS) infrastructure that provides an environment for management application development, debugging, and execution.


Application Program Interface: The interface between the applications software and the application platform.

Application software

a program that performs a service specific or solves a particular problem to an end user??s needs.


a structured set of protocols implementing the functions of the system.
Artificial intelligence The concept that computers can be programmed to assume capabilities such as learning, reasoning, adaptation and self-correction.

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