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Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems.


the American Standard Code for Information Interchange is a binary character code used to represent a character in a computer. It consists of 128 seven-bit codes for upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation, and special communication control characters.


A program that translates symbolic source code (written in assembly language) into machine instructions (in machine code) by replacing symbolic operation codes with binary operation codes, and symbolic addresses with absolute or relocatable addresses.


A relationship between entities or data elements in a logical data model.

Asynchronous computer

a computer providing operations that are not timed by a master clock. The signal to start an operation is provided by the completion of some operation.

Asynchronous Scanning

A scanning arrangement where two scans (I/O and user program) operate independently of each other with no synchronization, so that any relative timing between the two scans is totally random.


Asynchronous transfer mode; a communications standard


A means of characterizing data on a display device (e.g. intensifying, blinking).


In an SLC controller, the process of transferring contents of the memory module to the processor memory at power up.


1) The conversion to and implementation of procedures, processes or equipment by automated means.
2) Industrial open or closed-loop control system in which manual operation of controls is replaced by servo operation.

Axial Load

A load applied along or parallel to and concentric with the primary axis.


Any movable part of a machine or system that requires controlled motion. Several axes of motion can be combined in a coordinated multiaxis system.


a wiring board, usually constructed as a printed circuit, used to provide the required connections between logic, memory and I/O modules.


range (usually Hertz) over which a system operates.

Bar coding

an automatic identification technology that encodes data in a printed pattern of varying-width bars and spaces, in accordance with pre-determined rules.

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