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Term Definition

1) A printed-circuit board.
2) A printed-circuit-board assembly ?? in the sense that the (printed-circuit) board is physically the main component of a printed-circuit-board assembly.


The natural limits of a process, defined as where the process begins and where the process ends.


LAN Uses frequency division multiplexing to divide a single physical channel into a number of smaller, independent frequency channels to be used to transfer different forms of information.


A conductor, usually composed of some element of carbon, serving to maintain an electrical connection between stationary and moving parts of a machine (i.e.,commutator of a dc motor). This brush is mounted in a spring-loaded holder and positioned tangent to the commutator segments against which it "brushes." Pairs of brushes are equally spaced around the circumference of the commutator.


1) In software terms, a register or group of registers used for temporary storage of data, to compensate for transmission rate differences between the transmitter and receiving device. 2) In hardware terms, an isolating circuit used to avoid the reaction of one circuit with another.


A programming process that takes a user keyboard command (source code) and converts it into hexadecimal format to generate an object code for program execution.

                                                        Bumpless -ability to change processors controlling a process (changeover) without affecting the process.<br />

A high-speed pathway shared by signals from several components of a computer.

Bus Network

A network topology that uses a single communications link to connect three or more terminals. Also called a Multi-Drop Network.

Bus Topology

A link topology in which all stations are connected in parallel to a medium. These stations are capable of concurrently receiving a signal transmitted by any other station connected to the medium.


(1) A fixed number of bits, often corresponding to a single character and processed as a unit.
(2) A collection of eight bits capable of representing an alphanumeric or special character.

C, C+, C++

a high-level language that can be used in application software.


Computer-Aided Design is the use of high-resolution graphics in a wide range of design activities, allowing quick evaluation and modification.


Computer-Aided Engineering is the analysis of a design for basic error-checking, or to optimize manufacturability.


the process of determining the capacity or scale graduations of a measuring instrument.


Computer-Aided Manufacturing is the use of computer technology to generate data to control part or all of a manufacturing process.

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