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A vector quantity that denotes both magnitude (e.g., speed) and direction in relation to a given frame of reference.

Velocity loop

A feedback control loop in which the controlled parameter is motor velocity. Usually uses a tachometer for a feedback device.


Variable-Frequency Drive.


Video Graphics Adapter. A video adapter introduced in 1987. The VGA duplicates all video modes of the EGA (Enhanced Graphics Adapter) and provides several additional modes.

VRC Vertical redundancy check. An error-checking method that adds a check or parity bit to each character in a message so the number of 1 bits, including the parity bit, in each character is odd (odd parity) or even (even parity).


The logical or conceptual view of something, which implies some sort of mapping function to get from conceptual to physical.

Vision systems

employ video cameras for inspection, verification, measurement, code reading and other purposes. Vision systems employ sophisticated pattern-recognition software to analyze the images they capture and compare it against defined patterns.

Voice recognition systems

Devices which are either portable and fixed station which use human speech as data input and translate it into machine recognizable codes or commands.


Wait before transmitting positive ACKnowledgment. In binary synchronous communications, this DLE sequence is sent by a receiving station to indicate that it is temporarily not ready to receive.


Wide-area network

Warehouse management systems

Software that integrates activities performed mechanically and by humans with an information system to effectively manage warehouse business processes and direct warehouse activities.

Watchdog timer

A timer that monitors a cyclical process and is cleared at the conclusion of each cycle. If the watchdog runs past its programmed time period, it will cause a fault.


The distance traveled by light (or other radiation) while completing one complete sine-wave cycle. It is expressed in nanometers (nm). Each color has a specific wavelength.

Weighted value

The numerical value assigned to any single bit as a function of its position in a word.


A temporary, usually rectangular, bounded area on a CRT display that includes particular entities for entry, modification, or deletion.


A trough, with hinged or removable covers; for housing and protecting electric wires and cables and in which conductors are laid in place after the wireway has been installed as a complete system. A wireway may be made of either sheet metal or of a flame-retardant nonmetallic material.

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