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Term Definition

A unit (dB) for measuring the relative strength of signal power. The number of decibels equals ten times the logarith (base 10) of the ration of the measured signal power to a reference power. One tenth of a bell.


support tools PC-, client-, or application server-based systems that use memory-based processing to perform rapid simulations using data drawn from business-transaction processing systems such as enterprise resources planning. The simulations optimize such things as production or distribution plans based on variously weighted goals, such as low cost or on-time delivery. Management then can decide which scenario best balances the many competing claims it must address when running a business.

Default value

The option taken by a computer in the event of the omission of a definite instruction or action.


Level of power supplied from the electric system during a specific period of time.

Demand management

see Forecasting.

Demand-side management (DSM)

Measures taken by a utility to influence the level or timing of a customer's energy demand. By optimizing the use of existing utility assets, DSM programs enable utilities to defer expenditures for adding new generating capacity.


Design and engineering practice


The systematic process of introducing an activity or process to all applicable areas of an organization.

Deterministic model

A mathematical model that, given a set of input data, produces a single output or a single set of outputs.

Development tools

The raw materials by which programmers create custom-built enterprise software.


The difference between an observation and a fixed value.

Device driver

Software that controls a computer peripheral, sometimes referred to as the interface software.


For an on/off controller, it refers to the temperature difference between the temperature at which the controller turns heat off and the temperature at which the heat is turned back on. It is expressed in degrees.

Digital Output

An output signal which represents the size of an input in the form of a series of discrete quantities.


A set of German standards recognized throughout the world. The 1/8 DIN standard for panel meters specifies an outer bezel dimension of 96 x 48 mm and a panel cutout of 92 x 45 mm.

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