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Dark factory

A completely automated factory floor with no labour.


all information of computer operations directed by the detailed instructions of the program.

Data acquisition system

any instrument or computer that acquires data from sensors via amplifiers, multiplexers, and any necessary analog to digital converters.

Data collection

the act of bringing data from remote points to a central location, and its organization into understandable information.

Data element

A single, atomic piece of data that cannot be subdivided and still retain any meaning. The terms "data item" and "field" are often used synonymously with data element.

Data Management

The process by which the reliability, timeliness and accessibility of an organization??s data base is assured.

Data space

where data reside.

Data warehouse

A database for query and analysis, as opposed to a database for processing transactions. Separating the two functions improves flexibility and performance.


a collection of structured information.

dB (Decibel)

20 times the log to the base 10 of the ratio of two voltages. Every 20 dBs correspond to a voltage ratio of 10, every 10 dBs to a voltage ratio of 3.162. For instance, a CMR of 120 dB provides voltage noise rejection of 1,000,000/1. An NMR of 70 dB provides voltage noise rejection of 3,162/1.


Database Management Systems access data stored in a database and present multiple data views to end users and application programmers.


Direct current; an electric current flowing in one direction only and substantially constant in value.


Distributed COM


Distributed Control System is a real-time control system for continuous and batch process applications.


In process control, a range in which an input signal may be varied, without initiating a change in output signal.

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